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       In the modern world of digital cameras it seems that almost anyone can take a technically sound picture. My goal as a photographer is to take that to the next level through the use of light and shadows to not just get a correct exposure, but to capture, highlight and focus the eye in a manner that delivers a specific message and feel.

        These images are about YOU, your accomplishments and those things YOU want to freeze in time. One of the most amazing and gratifying challenges in photography is being able to capture an image that embodies what the client holds dear.

        As a photographer, I provide primarily on location services. I believe that the right location, used in the right light can separate a good photo from a stunning one. Not only does on location photography add beauty to your image, but it can also be used to better convey the feeling and look you are after. Part of our dialogue before any session will be for me to understand what it is YOU want out of these images and what backdrop we can use to better deliver that message.

        In some instances, a high-key backdrop (pure white background), is more suited to meet the needs of your images. In these instances, through the use of portable equipment, almost any location can be used to achieve these in-studio like effects.