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Fitness: As athlete, have worked extremely hard to transform your body and skill to achieve physical that embodies the definition of strength and beauty. On the beach, in gym or in front of white screen, the right lighting can capture that definition and figure you have worked so hard to create.

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The Barn Photoshoot, Kristin Vermillion, 13June2012 (90 of 149) Fitness/Swimwear

Casey Share, 12August2012-383 She’s Got Legs!

Miami Beach Photo Shoot, 16June2011 (70 of 132) A Little on the Artsy Side











Glamour: Glamour photography focuses, on highlighting your natural features in way, is meant to flattering, and artistic. Glamour photography cover broad spectrum, but the goal is same – to capture the beauty inherent, with each individual.

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Family, Kids and 4-Legged Friends: It’s all about the memories. No family, is same – and that beauty. Lets find what represents your true personality. Together can find way to freeze those special moments in time ensuring they last forever.

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Family, Kids and four Legged Friends


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