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The Arms – 20 August 2012

Try and avoid posing where your arms are in contact along the side of the body.  Holding the arms slightly away from the midsection makes the waist look slimmer and avoids creating a “solid body block”. Be careful never to lock your elbows.  This distorts the arm and creates an unappealing line.  This can be
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The Rear View – 13 August 2012

This can sensitive angle for a lot of people when being photographed so knowing how to put your best cheek forward is essential. During shoots it is common for the subject to have a tendency to lift the hip closest to the camera. In doing so they unknowingly exaggerating the front leg and that side
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Posture – 30 July 2012

Some people tend to hunch their shoulders bringing them closer to the ears when posing for the camera – This is not a good pose as it creates a turtle like effect. When posing, imagine you have a string attached to the top of your head or the center of your chest. Pretend that someone
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The Feet – 6 August 2012

When a model points her toes, the foot then becomes an extension of her leg. This makes your legs look longer, slimmer and more toned. In general it is also much more graceful than a flexed foot. Keep this in mind as you are posing because it can and does apply when you standing, sitting
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The Basics – 23 July 2012

Three basic guidelines to keep in mind when posing: 1) The spine should not form a vertical line 2) The shoulders should not form a horizontal line 3) The hips should not be square to the camera Vertical and Horizontal lines create a static and ridged image and the body looks widest when facing the
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